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Why is it hard for me to make a decision?

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

This is fairly common, when the time comes to make decisions we are invaded by all possible questions: will it be right or wrong? will it be acceptable or not? will they like it? are they going to criticize me?

All these questions come from judgments that we make about the situation we are experiencing.

Now, many people think that we should never judge, but nothing could be further from the truth. A Judgment is nothing more than a thought that helps us move forward into the future with caution.

The same goes for situations from the past, that is, if we don't know all the facts about something, we need to find explainations filling blanks with assumptions or judgments.

Now, there are judgments that open possibilities and those that block you, for example:

  • Nobody recognizes what I do.

  • I'm too old for these things.

  • If I try to dance I will only make a fool of myself and they will laugh at me

It is necessary to understand that judging is something that happens automatically for everyone and unconsciously makes us assume that an experience we had is precisely what we are going to live again.

Indecision then comes from fear, and this emotion occurs when we face something that we consider dangerous and it can paralyze us.

What am I afraid of?

You can be afraid of being wrong and being criticized, of being rejected, of someone mocking you, of not being able to be that person again or to lose something.

What I can do?

You have to be able to identify the feeling and take control of your emotions and judgments and understand that something that happened before is not necessarily going to happen again, - unless you throw yourself from a third floor and hurt yourself, it is very likely that you will hurt yourself again.

In hypnosis we can work at a subconscious level on what you require, which for example may be your ability to overcome fear. We cannot assure that you do not feel afraid, but you can certanly have control on it and avoid that it paralyzes you.

Dare to change your life!

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