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Trust vs Rejection

Updated: Jan 15, 2023


When we got to this world, with few exceptions, we do not understand what rejection is. If a baby were rejected by all human beings it would be doomed to perish.

We don't know about the fear or the pain of learning to walk and falling down, and what happens when a baby falls? he or she will try again and again until he or she finally succeeds. We trust, we have faith and there is simply nothing that will stop us from trying things again and again.

Primitive Mind

Our mind has many functions, but the most primitive and still valid is: to survive. The prehistoric human would, at the slightest sign of danger, trigger adrenaline in the body and prepared to either fight or to run away.

Years and years later our mind continues to have that learned behavior, we stick to what we know well and run away from what is not familiar to us including things like love, money, or learning new things, or living our dream.

Why do we refuse to live our dream?

The human being is a social animal, dependent on others to survive. In any civilization, each member of the same fulfills a function and that someone introduces something different to the group is often frowned upon.

For this reason, we unconsciously seek to please the group and avoid to be, to think or to act differently, otherwise we would experience rejection.

Now I invite you to think about this:

  • Should the baby give up walking because she has fallen several times?

  • What are you giving up pursuing for fear of being rejected?

  • What are you not doing to avoid being rejected?

  • What would happen if we never gave up on achieving our dream?

Speaking a little about myself, I lost my job - the one in which I felt like a king - and now, as time goes by, I know that it was the best thing that could have happened to me because today I have the opportunity to help many more people.

Dare to change your life!

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