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Is it safe to be in hypnosis? Myths around it

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Through all this time I have heard several questions around hypnosis - some of them very funny. I answer some of them below.

Hypnotherapy is like stage hypnosis.

Stage hypnosis is performed as part of a show, in front of an audience, and solely for entertainment purposes.

Hypnotherapy, on the other hand, is generally done one by one and the aim is to efficiently treat most psychological and emotional problems.

Whilst hypnotized, you fall into a deep sleep.

In hypnosis, the patients get to a state of relaxation called Alpha.

Once the patient is in that zone, we can explore the subconscious mind to find out why people have certain behaviors, addictions, they feel sad, afraid, guilty, etc. and we can help to reinterpret the situation or circumstance achieving one of the most complicated things: to forgive and to let go.

In hypnotherapy, I can force you to act against your will or share secrets

Hypnotherapy is definitively not mind-control - or I'd have a Ferrari in my garage by now.

As I mentioned before, during the session the patients are "present". If we suggest something that goes against the will of the people, we would get a resounding refusal.

Hypnotherapy doesn't work on smart people.

In fact, it is quite the opposite, intelligent people are able to concentrate, let their imagination fly, and focus which makes it easier for them to reach this Alpha level and we can then work with them.

Hypnotherapy is an immediate solution to your problems.

RTT stands for Rapid Transformation Therapy, which is not the same as immediate. Certainly, in a single session you can achieve very important changes but - and this is something that I insist a lot with my patients - it is important to complete the process to reinforce the new habits.

If I'm hypnotized, I could never come back.

I think this one is quite common and there are those who swear that there are a lot of people like this. The reality is that during the hypnosis session the person never loses consciousness.

In the case of video call sessions, it is quite common the internet connection fails and, in these cases, the person stops hearing my voice and they just open their eyes and return to the call and we can continue with the session.

Now, it has happened to me twice that my dear patients are extremely tired and during the induction they fall asleep completely, in those cases I cannot complete therapy and I simply let them rest and reschedule.

Through hypnosis I can open portals and see ghosts.

I have never witnessed or heard of cases like these, perhaps in the movies.

I'm not saying these things don't exist, but I base my practice on science.

So, is it safe?

The answer is: YES!

We as RTT practitioners must be aware of what is within our domain and for example, a person with schizophrenia must not be treated by hypnosis.

Don't wait for the changes you want to happen on their own. Take the step and dare to change your life!

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