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I feel guilty!

One of the most common problems with which I am blessed to help people with is precisely the feeling of guilt.

Ma patients not necessarily consider guilt as their main problem, but while doing research, I repeatedly find that the root cause of different situations is precisely this feeling of feeling guilty.

What is guilt?

Guilt is this conscious or unconscious feeling for something we did or think we did that caused harm to other people. For example:

  • I feel guilty because I was abused and I provoked it.

  • My friend/brother/acquaintance was in an accident and I couldn't help him.

  • I was not there when my relative died.

  • And many others!

Is guilt equal to remorse?

I personally do not find a difference, I have found that some people think that guilt is inflicted by other people and remorse is something self-inflicted.

I disagree, but I certainly respect the opinions of others.

How does guilt affect my life?

Guilt can make us feel:

  • Miserable - We fall into depression, and we are sad all the time.

  • Undeserving - As incredible as it may seem, the feeling of guilt could inhibit our ability to achieve goals, even if we follow a recipe perfectly, there is always something that does not allow us to achieve our dreams and live fully.

  • Always fearful - We cannot take responsibility because we are afraid of failing and causing damage, which can lead to anxiety attacks.

  • Embarrased - We can sometimes feel ashamed or feel rejected by other people and it is not surprising that we do not understand why it happens to us.

  • Overresponsibility - We can end up doing things that do not correspond to us because of the feeling that on other occasions "I could have done more".

What should I do?

I know that sometimes we want to play strong or we think that "it will pass", however you have to understand that the mind does not forget and it is not uncommon for you to find triggers that make you feel very bad and you do not understand why.

My recommendation is the same as in all cases when there is an emotional imbalance: look for help! I am a firm believer that you cannot fix what you do not understand; and many times you do not know this feeling is there because the mind tends to hide whatever we do not want us to remember, but that does not mean that it has disappeared.

We will help you to identify the true root cause of the situation, feeling, behavior or action that is affecting you and then reinterpret it and reprogram your mind and thus transform your life permanently.

Do not wait any longer and Dare to Change your Life!

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